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On this page we show what people of the parish are doing/creating/thinking about during these days of isolation.

God the calmer of storms
Mardelle Jordan brings words of comfort in troubled times:

These past few weeks have been like a storm raging around us. Day after day people of all ages and colour dying around us. Relatives not able to say their goodbye or even attend funerals. The desolation and feelings of hopelessness unbearable. In all of this we know that God sees and knows and cares. We are not alone.

We have a refuge, we have a comforter, we have hope. When all around us souls give way, God has promised to be our hope, our help, our refuge.

So we can hold fast to His promise, to be with us always, even to the end of our own days.
(13 June 2020)

Thoughts on the path ahead
Martin Lyons reflects on the service for Trinity Sunday:

The picture of Holy Trinity at the end with the doors wide open was a very powerful image.

First off you think how inviting, how nice to see the doors wide open. This brings hope; then you see the locked doors into the church body itself, which leaves you feeling shut out. Close, but so far to go before we can actually all get back through those doors.

What changes will we have to make to allow us to get back through those inner doors? It makes you realise the enormity of the task ahead.

It reminds you that the old way we did things may be gone for a long time if not for ever. Therefore it reminds us of how much we must all be willing to not only embrace change but to accept it. This for some may be a very hard rocky bumpy road to walk. Therefore we will all need to be sensitive to people's feelings as for some it will be a form of grieving; for others it will be joyous as we at first take small tentative steps along this new road; later, with God's grace, giant leaps into the future.

From all the counselling I have received I know that we cannot change the past; it has gone. However we can influence the future. Our path and destiny are in our own hands, to mould the church for generations to come.

Wow! What responsibility rests on all our shoulders!

But I believe with God's grace, help and faith in him we can get there.
(13 June 2020)

Pentecost contribution
Jason Tilbrook and Peter Judge playing music over the garden fence during lockdown:

(29 May 2020)

More drawings from Evelyn Wilson
(click on a small picture to enlarge it)

(29 May 2020)

Appreciating the beauty of nature
Mary Chibnall has sent in these beautiful photographs celebrating God's creation; she writes: 'Taking walks during lockdown has made me look more closely at the beauty of the flowers in the gardens that I walk past, and it's given me time to take photographs of them'. (Click on a small picture to enlarge it.)

(27 May 2020)

Singing in isolation with Songs on Wheels
While staying isolated, Alice Thacker and Bruce Goatly have been recording and filming contributions to songs for Songs on Wheels to release online for residents of the care homes, day centres and clubs that the group would normally be visiting. Just because the group can't go in person doesn't mean they can't be there in spirit! Bruce has also been learning new skills for mixing about 15 separate voice recordings and editing the videos together. A couple of examples are below; there are more on YouTube.

(24 May 2020)

A hermit's call from the wilderness
Nick Mayhew-Smith has written a blog about hermit spirituality, aiming to show how spirituality can be expressed during a time of intense social isolation.
(Nick's latest book, The Naked Hermit (SPCK, 2019), is available now on Kindle and in hardback.)

(27 April 2020)

Lockdown drawings from Evelyn Wilson
(click on a small picture to enlarge it)

(27 April 2020)